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Pop Up Display

Innovative Designs Mark Pop-Up-Display For Advertising

It is in the design of the advertising, which will fetch the greatest attention from public, if done correctly, aesthetically and with best features. Pop-up-display is said to be one of the most effective advertising strategies available for companies with the help of zigncraft. There are different kinds of such displays, which have given options for companies to put their products and services on public visibility. They have not only gained mileage through such displays, but also been provided with innovative designs.

  • Highly advanced display systems for advertising

Modern method of pop-up-display has become more technologically advanced, with the use of metal frame, which are possible to be folded. These panels can then be unfolded to erect a framework for the display banners to be placed on the front, with the help of magnetic locks. Hence, it is common to see display banners with high end lighting arrangements by zigncraft.

  • Possible to add rows and columns of framework to increase the size of display

When the pop-up-display is erected, these are in the form of various columns and rows. Since the frames are in rows and columns, more additions can be done to them, because these are supposed to be extensible also. As a result, our display boards are versatile for any kind of business and for any occasion. Starting from the displays for trade shows to the immediately small standees, we have the resources to erect the required structures for your business.

  • Beautiful designs with ambient lighting

Not only do we provide the forms of pop-up-display for our clients at zigncraft, we have the possible designs printed on large sheets of vinyl or PVC to give the right touch to the images. With ambient lighting using latest in LED lighting and three dimensional images, we bring forth the best possible pop-up-displays for our customers to have the most effective promotions.

Standard Specifications
- 3 rows x 3 columns Straight
- 3 rows x 4 columns Straight
- 3 rows x 3 columns Curved
- 3 rows x 4 columns Curved
Pop Up Counter (Optional: Table Top)
Hard Case Trolley | Spot Lights

Specifications of the pop-up display

  • (Height: 2.22m)
  • Magnetic Locking frame
  • Cannot expand/ add columms or rows
  • Optional: Hard Case Trolley
  • 1 year warranty on structure